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User oriented design always fascinates me. It's the process of discovering and designing something useful for people that motivates me as a Designer. I believe every design comes with a good story.

As a Design Researcher

The front end of design research and strategy deeply interest me, where design meets people, where goals are to be defined, and where we start from nothing and ended with something. I had the opportunity to apply several design research methods in various projects; from interactions and observations of blind people to form and trend research of kick-scooters. Approaching different projects with different methodologies, yet remaining flexible and adaptive to available resources is one of my key strengths. I believe that the significance of a project is heavily dependent on the empathy of the designer.

As an Industrial Designer

Seeing the fruit of my research transforming into real design solutions is one of my motivation as a designer. I am able to translate research data into key design insights and develop solutions that serve the intended users. During my education of B.A. (Hons) in Industrial Design at the National University of Singapore, majority of my academic projects were research-based projects that emphasizes on identifying user needs, and providing solutions that enhance user experience. I believe good design solution should provide good user experiences.

As a Storyteller

I am well-verse in using visual and verbal storytelling techniques combined with spontaneity as a communication tool to foster empathy and interest within teams and towards other stakeholders. Effective and engaging storyboards and presentations through comic strips, animation gifs, videography, etc. are frequently used in many of my projects. I am currently pursuing an MFA degree at The Ohio State University in Design Research, and part of my thesis is about using storytelling as a research method to understand user experiences and needs.

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